The ADHD Enclave

The original "Not Facebook?" group. A community of support with a modern attitude about ADHD.

The ADHD Enclave

A peer coaching revolution

You are on the ADHD roller coaster, holding on for dear life and trying not to throw up (Figuratively.)

Do you...

  • Feel like nobody "gets you?"
  • Get tired of crowded, ineffective Facebook groups?
  • Avoid asking for help and support at work and home?
  • Feel emotionally overwhelmed constantly?
  • Feel frustrated at the cost of coaching programs?
  • Feel stuck in your life?

The difference between those that flourish with ADHD and those that continue to run themselves ragged is that the ones that flourish have support.

Time to get peer coaching

  • Improve your sense of self, and discover how ADHD impacts your life
  • Share your stories, frustrations, and fears, and receive feedback and coaching from your peers
  • Start seeing meaningful changes in your outlook and your behavior
  • Enjoy a sense of security and grounding in the knowledge that you have an entire community of women behind you

Smart women with ADHD need a place to gather

You've heard the expression: Living well is the best revenge.

Lets forget revenge, and agree that living well with ADHD is the best. Period.

Whether that means creating more time for you, getting more done, or feeling more supported. 

Life can be better, calmer, and more satisfying with ADHD.

Now you can finally talk about the things that really matter. 


How much does the membership cost?

Enclave COLLABORATIVE Membership $149.99/month

  • Connect with Enclave community members through daily posts
  • Exclusive weekly articles on the issues facing women with ADHD
  • Full access to article archive
  • Two weekly body double sessions
  • Pop-up bonus body double sessions
  • Monday night facilitated LIVE gathering (discussion/coaching)
  • Thursday night facilitated LIVE gathering (discussion/coaching)
  • Invitations to events with ADHD experts as our guests
  • Bi-monthly discovery Q&A for those new to ADHD
  • Vote on future offerings to get the most out of the Enclave

THE PARK in the Enclave

  • Private messaging + private discussion group for Mom's
  • Body doubling 2X per week
  • ADHD content library
  • Exclusive weekly content
  • Expert special events
  • Bi-monthly small group coaching
  • Daily posts and check-ins in the Enclave

 Enclave Social Membership 34.99/month

- Includes private posting feed

- Access to ADHD library 

- Virtual Body Doubling so we can get sh-t done

- Weekly exclusive content that doesn't appear anywhere else

What if I can't/don't like live meetings?

No worries. The SOCIAL membership is for people that prefer to communicate in writing, and don't like cameras. We keep it low priced so you can still participate and get support without breaking the bank.

Who do I contact with issues?

There is a private messaging feature within the platform, so anytime you have questions or concerns just message Liz or Elizabeth directly in there. Nobody will see it but you. 

How do I set up my account?

When you select your plan, you use your name + create a password. You do have to enter a credit card in order to join.

After that you can access the group on any computer/tablet, AND I recommend you install the app on your phone so you can check in anytime.

I can't remember to check in? I'm not going to pay for something I don't use

Do you check your social media every day? 

Treat this app on your phone the same way.  It's similar to Facebook or Twitter with with one big difference - We're like CHEERS, everyone knows your name and cares about you.

You will receive a weekly email with updates, and the schedule. The zoom link is also posted inside daily for your convenience.

Any other questions? Email

What's the plan, again?


All of the features of SOCIAL membership +

Manic Monday LIVE - 8pm EST

Thursday Happy Hour LIVE - 5pm EST

In Enclave SOCIAL:

  • Weekly Eclusive Content
  • Daily Check-in posts
  • Virtual Body Doubling****
  • Organized, high-quality ADHD resources
  • Posting/private messaging between members
  • Security, privacy, and sense of belonging

What our members are saying

"Just a few benefits from a couple months of membership. You have a "tribe" and comeraderie. It's a little quieter than the big groups and if there aren't many others around you sometimes get Liz all to yourself!" - Michele

"I can say that I have been able to set up several routines and maintain them. My husband had a medical crisis and this group helped me to maintain my sanity. I post things in here I would never post in a big group. This is my tribe." -Patti  

"I think what you do in here is amazing. I mean this is going to blow up! I am so glad I found this group." -Julia

"This group has given me so much support over the last year." -MarySue

Take a peek inside..

Home page - Browse featured posts, or start your own conversation at the top. Scroll down to catch up with the day-to-day happenings.

Read through a curated collection of ADHD information. 

Post your favorite easy recipes, creative projects, and resources you want to share with the group.

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