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The ADHD Enclave

Overwhelmed with your life?

The ADHD Enclave is a private membership community created by Liz Lewis that shows you how to create a life that's calmer, more satisfying, and less overwhelming. 

ADHD Women are burned out

  • Social media has overtaken our lives and become the top source of information about mental health and ADHD
  • We are searching for information and support but the volume of information is just too much
  • The quality of the information we find is questionable
  • Sorting through the conflicting information is time consuming and frustrating
  • There is little clear guidance or support for women trying to manage ADHD day-to-day
  • The gap between the "ADHD Experts" and those of us living with the diagnosis is wide

The Enclave advocates a new way of learning and living with ADHD. A calm, focused, and community-based approach.

Billing FAQs


BUT The first month is always free. 

Enclave Membership + LIVE Small Group Support Meetings

- Weekly meeting times for live support are set and members will not receive a discount or prorated membership based on participation.

- Billing will be automatic through The Mighty Networks starting July, 2019.

  • Monthly membership w/LIVE small group support is $50 per month.
  • One year membership with small group support is $360.

 Basic Enclave Membership.

- Includes secure/private posting thread

- Distraction free engagement opportunities 

- Access to content library (being built as we speak)

-***NEW*** Virtual Body Doubling for added accountability

- Weekly exclusive content that does not appear anywhere else

  • Billing is done automatically through The Mighty Networks.
  • Basic Membership is $19.99 per month or $199.99 for a year

See plans at the bottom of this page for more info.

What's the plan?

Our Enclave LIVE group meets via zoom link 3 times per week.

Manic Monday - 8pm EST

Tuesday Body Doubles - 1pm EST

Thursday Happy Hour - 5pm EST

In ADHD Enclave Basic, we offer:

  • Weekly Eclusive Content
  • Group Challenges
  • Weekly Virtual Body Doubling****
  • Organized, high-quality ADHD resources
  • Posting/private messaging between members
  • Security, privacy, and a sense of belonging

What our members are saying

"Just a few benefits from a couple months of membership. You have a "tribe" and comeraderie. It's a little quieter than the big groups and if there aren't many others around you sometimes get Liz all to yourself!" - Michele

"I can say that I have been able to set up several routines and maintain them. My husband had a medical crisis and this group helped me to maintain my sanity. I post things in here I would never post in a big group. This is my tribe." -Patti  

"I think what you do in here is amazing. I mean this is going to blow up! I am so glad I found this group." -Julia

"This group has given me so much support over the last year." -MarySue

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